Russian PL-15K Pistol Described by the Designer (VIDEO)

    Kalashnikov Media , a dedicated media website of Kalashnikov Concern, has released a video where the designer of PL-15 and PL-15K pistols, Dmitri Lebedev, talks about the compact version of his pistol. Here is that video (with English subtitles).

    According to RIA Novosti news agency, the PL-15K can become a replacement for the Makarov pistol which is still the main issue handgun of Russian army and law enforcement. Having an unloaded weight of 720 grams (about 25 oz), PL-15K is slightly lighter than the Makarov (730 grams), however, the loaded weight should be more compared to PM due to the higher capacity of PL-15K. That weight differences are not too significant in both cases. What is more important is that PL-15K offers a number of advantages over the Makarov pistol, such as a more potent cartridge (9x19mm Luger instead of 9x18mm Makarov), better controls, high-capacity magazines, an accessory rail etc.

    Here is also a video with Konstantin Lazarev, a Russian firearms photographer, shooting these handguns.

    I think that it is probably important for Russia to adopt a domestically designed and manufactured firearm. Otherwise, why don’t they just buy or license the manufacturing/assembly of Glock 19 pistols? I don’t think Lebedev pistols have significant advantages (if any at all) compared to Glocks. Another reason can be that the Lebedev pistols will be much cheaper than Glocks which I doubt, too.

    Hrachya H

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