How To Load A Pistol With One Hand

    Rob Romero demonstrates how to chamber a round into various handguns with just one hand. It involved a rearward jerking motion with a quick forward punch. The rearward jerking motion moves the slide rearward and thanks to inertia it keeps moving rearward as he punches forward until the recoil spring overcomes the inertia to return the slide forward.

    He demonstrates this loading technique with the following handguns:

    • M&P45
    • Glock 35 with 15lb ISMI recoil spring
    • Glock 34 with 15lb ISMI recoil spring
    • Glock 34 with factory spring
    • Glock 17 with factory spring
    • Glock 19 with factory spring

    While this is an impressive display of pistol manipulation, I would put it right up there with twirling a revolver. It is good for show but not much for practical purposes.

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