Fresno Police Remove Illegal SBR Off The Streets

    On September 11th, 2017 the Fresno Police Department posted about their recent accomplishment of arresting a woman on narcotic and firearm charges. The suspect was sitting in front of an illegally parked RV. The two officers approached the suspect to ascertain why the RV was parked illegally. Upon walking up to the suspect the officers discovered a Ruger 10-22 lying on the ground near the entrance of the RV. The stock had been removed from the Ruger 10-22 and the officers determined this constitutes an illegal short barreled rifle.


    With the stock removed the barreled 10-22 action is no longer a rifle. Rifles are shoulder fired and while the Ruger 10-22 can be fired without a stock, it cannot be fired from the shoulder. Looking at the photo above the overall length is less than 26″ so shouldn’t this be classified as AOW? Actually no, since it is a rifle it will stay a rifle at least according to the ATF. -*

    Another concern is the nature of the 10-22 design. The pins that hold the trigger in place can easily fall out from just tilting the receiver to one side.

    Are Ruger 10-22 owners in jeopardy every time they remove the stock? Have they made an NFA item? Of course there is one crucial aspect to this Fresno story and normal law abiding citizens. A crime has been committed while in possession of this firearm.

    Here is the report that was posted on FPD’s Facebook page.

    News Line Update – September 11, 2017
    Southwest Patrol Officers Arrest Armed Suspect During Patrol Check

    On Monday, September 11, 2017, Southwest Officers Yessie Hernandez and Gilberto Quezada were conducting crime suppression patrol in the area of White and Warren Avenues. They saw a Recreational Vehicle illegally parked in a dirt lot near this intersection and decided to do a patrol check on the vehicle. A female subject was sitting on the ground in front of this vehicle, the officers approached her to determine why the vehicle was parked illegally. The female was identified as Leticia Sept, a 26 year old Fresno Resident. As the Officers approached they saw Leticia had quickly hid a rifle on the ground next to her. The rifle was a Ruger .22 caliber rifle, which had been modified by having the butt stock removed. It was determined that the rifle was an illegal short barreled rifle. Leticia was in possession of this rifle in violation of California gun laws. Leticia also was in possession of composite knuckles and an illegal narcotic. Leticia was booked into the Fresno County Jail for the weapon and narcotic violations. With this arrest the officers removed a dangerous firearm from the streets of Fresno and from an area that has had prior gun violence and is known for Human Trafficking.

    The Fresno Police Department would like to remind the public that Crime Stoppers has enhanced the rewards for information related to gang members who are involved in narcotic sales, firearm possession, and human trafficking. The new campaign consists of the following monetary rewards for anonymous tips. If a gang member is arrested for possessing a handgun, the reward is $2,000. If a gang member is arrested for possessing an assault rifle, the reward is $3,000. If a gang member is arrested for human trafficking, the reward is $3,000 and if a gang member is involved in drug sales, the reward is $1,000. Anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers at (559)-498-STOP (7869) with information. Your information is kept confidential.

    Attached is a photograph of the recovered rifle and of Leticia Sept.

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