Ed Brown Offers Custom 1911 Builder

    Perhaps one of my few complaints about true custom builders is that they have their own custom way of doing things. Having worked with some before, they have typically had their quirky way of putting in a custom order – one that if you are not patient can be entirely frustrating.

    Fortunately, the custom builders are updating their ways. Latest to the fore is Ed Brown, who has undergone some major electronic changes with a new website, new offerings, and a generally friendlier appeal to its customers. Rounding their efforts off is their new custom 1911 builder on their website.

    While still not a complete online check-out process (the builder only submits the configuration for a formal quotation – so still has some quirks), the builder is a near complete listing of everything that Ed Brown is capable of doing. Seeing the list – its easy to see Ed’s really capable – it’s a long list of items that may cause analysis paralysis.

    Ed Brown,

    Custom options start with the slide and frame, with options of various combinations of stainless, steel, and an option for an aluminum frame – all starting around $2,695. The aluminum option bumps it to $2,945.

    Just for giggles, a full custom 1911 through the builder comes to an eye-popping ~$6,000 without an RMR (which is an extra $750).

    Configure (and drool) if you dare over at Ed Brown’s website: http://www.edbrown.com/build/


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