Invest In & Own Part of a Gun Company?… Ideal Conceal Now Accepting Investors

    Ideal Conceal

    Ideal Conceal has been out of the public spotlight for a little while now. That is not to say they have diminished or gone away. They merely have been focusing on getting their cellphone pistol to market and fine-tuning their firearm. They have developed several prototypes and are nearing completion of a final product. As that time draws more near each passing day all of us who follow the firearms industry are presented with a unique opportunity. Would you like to invest in a gun company?

    Ideal Conceal is accepting investors in their cellphone pistol. Kirk Kjellberg, the CEO and inventor of Ideal Conceal, shared these thoughts on their crowdfunding site:

    Ideal Conceal, Inc. is a custom pistol manufacturing company. We are the inventors and patent pending holders of the gun known as the ‘Cellphone Pistol.’

    It is our mission to ensure that you have a dependable way to carry a concealed pistol to defend yourself with.

    We are raising money to manufacture this game-changing weapon, and offering you the unique opportunity to own a piece of the company.

    Join us, and carry the revolution!

    I will not go into detail about the finances of investing in Ideal Conceal or any gun company for that matter. For that, you should check out his crowdfunding site and seek the counsel of a true financial expert. I am merely a guy who loves shooting guns and writing about them just like many of you reading this love guns as well.

    What I can say is I am a MN native who manages a gun shop only 15 miles away from Kirk’s base of operations, and I met him 2 years ago before he ever had national exposure. He has always expressed a lot of confidence and optimism in his idea. Everything he laid out in front of me during our first interaction when Ideal Conceal was simply a fledgling concept is now becoming true.

    I will reiterate once again that I am not an investment expert. That still being said, with a minimum investment price of only $102, it would be pretty cool to tell your social circle of gun buddies that you own part of a gun company.

    To better decide if this is something for you, check out the Ideal Conceal websitecrowdfunding site, and/or YouTube channel.

    Phil Note: TFB is in no way advising/soliciting readers to invest in this company or any other. This is just an unusual move by a gun company and should be considered news only.

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