TNW Firearms Offers AR-15 Handguard Adapter for Aero Survival Rifle

    Say what you will about the AR-15, positive or negative. One thing one has to say is that there is a plethora of products available for the platform, earning it the well-deserved moniker: “Barbie for Men.” The various accessories developed for the penultimate Modern Sporting Rifle also make their way across to other platforms. Grips and stocks are especially noticeable. Handguards less so, but that does not stop TNW firearms from seeing the potential expansion of their Aero Survival Rifle platform.

    The Aero Survival Rifle is one of the first notable pistol-caliber carbines. Designed from the ground up for the calibers, they have been Glock mag compatible from the beginning. Recently expanded from its pistol-caliber roots to rimfire .22LR, the weapon is a great little prepper tool, notably through its use of a shroud to quickly change the barrel and calibers.

    The new AR15 Should Adapter for the ASR takes that shroud and adds an AR-15 barrel nut thread to the outside. When coupled with an AR-15 handguard, the shroud makes extending the ASR a snap – especially with natively round handguard designs. Those using a bottom clamping mechanism may find the transition a bit awkward.

    The AR-15 Shroud Adapter for ASR retails for $89.95, but is currently on special for $69.95 while back-ordered. You can pick one up directly from TNW on their website. 



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