Singapore’s National Day Parade Simulated Terrorist Attack Extravaganza

    Asian countries like to hold demonstrations for the public and during Singapore’s National Day Parade the SG Army collaborated with Police and held a simulated terrorist attack demonstration. There was a vast assortment of rifles on display. Photography was by Delvin Ang.


    These cops are the least equipped using their service revolvers on pistol lanyards.




    These motorcycle cops have SCAR MK16s.

    Notice a lot of the rifles used have brass catchers and blank firing adapters.

    Here are the Army Soldiers still rocking the SAR-21 bullpup rifle.


    The guys below are Army SOTF. They are using a new mystery plate carrier using the First Spear tube system. Oh and they are using HK416s.

    The two soldiers in the rear are shouldering HK416s while the shield bearer has a suppressed FN P90 across his back.

    Meanwhile these police ovfficers are still using HK MP5s.



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