TANDEMKROSS Offers New hiveGrip for SW22 Pistol

    TandemKross HiveGrip

    If you own a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory pistol, TANDEMKROSS has a new set of wraparound rubber grips for you. Called the HiveGrip, the new grip was designed to offer shooters a better grasp on the pistol even with sweaty hands or when wearing gloves.

    According to the company, the new HiveGrip was specifically developed for the competition shooter. It is made of a flexible material that is said to be very durable. The rubber-like material is patented and offers vibration reducing properties to further mitigate the already mild recoil from the SW22 Victory pistol. The surface of the grip has aggressive texturing to better provide a sure purchase.

    The grip does have finger grooves. Some shooters like finger grooves while others do not. According to TANDEMKROSS, the grooves help ensure proper grip on the pistol for better control and accuracy of the gun when shooting.

    The HiveGrip is made in the United States. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee. A basic black grip will cost you $39.99. If you want a set with red accents, that will cost you an addition $5.

    TANDEMKROSS already offers a grip enhancing option for the SW22. Called the SuperGrips, this product is made of a rubber-like material that attaches to the top of the existing Smith & Wesson grips. It has a MSRP of only $13.99. You can see the SuperGrips in the video below:

    Richard Johnson

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