Glock Mag PCC Feeding Problems? Fix it with TACCOM Glock Lower Feedramp

    The explosion of the pistol caliber carbine is fascinating. While certainly a fun type of weapon to shoot, the weapon type has not exactly been known for reliable operation. Sure, purpose-built PCC platforms have been excellent for reliability, the PCC genre suffers from the adaptation to the AR-15 and its fusion with other platform’s components such as Glock.

    The main issue is the feeding of rounds. Having a single-feed magazine with no immediate contact with the barrel and positive guided feeding has been frustrating shooters looking to take their supremely reliable Glock magazines and have them dispense gun food for their blowback carbines. Often, the rounds nosedive down impacting the barrel instead of being guided by the feed ramps that typify purpose-built weapons.

    TACCOM has a nifty little solution. Knowing the gap between magazine and feed ramps was a major issue, they presumed to solve this by adding in a feed ramp to the upper receiver. While a likely excellent solution, the problem lies in installation, which requires the home modification of the upper receiver to fit the new feed ramp. While instructions are given in reasonable detail, quite a few shooters will not be willing to start cutting chips.

    The TACCOM Glock Lower Feedramp retails for $19.95 directly from TACCOM. 


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