New Nightstick Weapon Lights

    TWM-850XL On Pistol

    Nightstick, a brand owned by Bayco Products, announced the company was now selling four new weapon lights for your defensive firearm. The models are the TWM-350, TWM-350S, TWM-850XL and TWM-850XLS. The names may not be catchy, but I suppose not everything can be called Avenger, Patriot or Skull Crusher.

    These weapon lights mounts to the accessory rail of your handgun. On the tail end of the light is a pair of “Dual-Dependent toggle switches.” These switches allow you to activate the light from either side of the gun, making it ambidextrous. The switch system looks similar to the switch used on the Streamlight line of weapon lights, though each side of the Nightstick operates as a mirror of the other where the Streamlight sides operate in reverse.

    TWM-850XL On Pistol

    The main differences between the four lights is output. The TWM-350 throws a total of 350 lumens of white light and has a run time of 2.5 hours. The brighter TWM-850XL throws 850 lumens and has a stated run time of 1.75 hours. The TWM-350S and TWM-850XLS are identical to the first two but with a strobe mode option added to the light.

    Nightstick tested these lights to the voluntary FL 1 standard. Yes, there are ways to game the FL 1 standard, but it is still a place to begin your light comparisons. Elzetta does a good job of explaining problems with the runtime standard here. In addition to the output and runtime ratings, the company’s tested ratings include a 2 meter drop resistance and IP-X7 waterproofing (1 meter for 30 minutes.)

    TWM-850XL On Pistol

    I’ve previously tested Nightstick flashlights and found that they are generally good lights that offer excellent drop and water resistance. Run time has been a mixed bag in my experience. For example, the rechargeable NSR-9944XL flashlight had a very good runtime with more than 2.5 hours before it dropped below 50% output. Conversely, the compact MT-210 flashlight I reviewed dropped below 50% output at about 6 minutes.

    I’m interested to see how these lights match up to the current crop of weapon lights on the market from Streamlight, Surefire and others. If you have any experience with them, please share in the comments below.

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