MPX Raptor Charging Handle From Radian Weapons

    Nick Booras of Radian Weapons mentioned that they were working on a Raptor charging handle for the MPX back at the NRA Show in Atlanta. Well they are coming soon.

    MPX vs AR15 charging handle

    The wait is almost over. Radian will be showing off the Raptor for SIG MPX at TriggrCon in Tacoma, WA this weekend, so I thought I’d give you a little sneak preview. I’ll start by giving the information I currently have, but feel free to ask questions if I missed something.

    When? We are about 4 weeks out +/- depending on any hangups related to finishing, packaging, etc. Sign up for our newsletter at if you want to be notified when it’s ready.

    What took so long? Most of you probably saw the Raptor-LT launch yesterday – that has been consuming a LOT of our time, but that project has been a year in process and had to take priority simply due to demand. Now we can refocus on some of the smaller, more fun projects like MPX.

    How much? Final price is TBD, but it will be in line with our other Raptor offerings and will include the improved “spring plate/housing” to push the Raptor upwards and stop the charging handle from scratching your receiver.

    Configuration? Current plan is to ship as you see in the photo: billet aluminum handles, black only. We may offer colors as an option in the future, or for special runs, but right now it just doesn’t make sense from a SKU management standpoint.

    SD version? There will likely not be an SD version due to the fact the MPX is a piston-driven firearm, and our SD design primarily benefits from direct impingement firearms that dump gas directly back into the receiver. We will certainly play around with a few prototypes, and if something works to mitigate gas blowback we will let you know.


    I am eager to upgrade my MPX with one of these handles. Most of my ARs have Raptor charging handles already. I am curious if they applied the SD design, see photo above, into an MPX charging handle if it would alleviate gas blowback for the few MPX/suppressor setups that have abnormal blowback.

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