1:2 Scale Functional Copy of Volcanic Pistol

    A company called Burke Gallery Guns manufactures functional (shootable) scaled down copies of American Old West firearms. What sets them apart from other miniature gun makers is that they make 1:2 scale guns (50% smaller). Most of other miniature replicas are much smaller. The most impressive of the Burke guns is the scaled down Volcanic pistol.

    The original Volcanic pistol was shooting caseless ammunition (a.k.a. rocket ball). To make their gun shootable, Burke has redesigned the action. Their pistol fires 4.5mm steel BBs powered by #10 black powder percussion caps. That combination makes it reach muzzle velocities of 350-450 fps. Basically, it is a BB gun powered by percussion caps. Here is a video telling about how to load this pistol:

    The company has set a goal not only to make a nice looking replica but also make it robust. That’s one of the reasons why all parts (except the springs) of these miniature replicas are CNC machined rather than being cast. Even the wooden and brass parts are CNC machined. However, at the final assembly stage, the parts are hand fitted.

    All the Burke Gallery Guns replicas have a limited production run. They come in a wooden box and with a Certificate of Authenticity. The package also includes a museum display stand and cleaning tools. The Volcanic pistol copy has an MSRP of $599.95.

    The company also offers custom shop services such as engraving, exotic wood grips, precious metal inlays etc.

    Hrachya H

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