The Other “FM-9” Rifle – A PPC By Foxtrot Mike Products

    While everyone can appreciate Freedom Ordnance’s belt-fed FM-9 9mm wonder upper, another company has been working with the name on their own rifle – the FM-9 by Foxtrot Mike Products. Where the Freedom Ordnance blazes some new trails, the Foxtrot Mike does as well.

    The FM-9, by Foxtrot Mike Products, is a magazine fed pistol caliber carbine. based heavily off of the AR-15, the little guy packs some ambidextrous punch and additional features that are not offered by anyone else. First, the magazine catch for Glock magazines is 100% ambidextrous, along with the fire selector and bolt release. A forward, ambidextrous and non-reciprocating charging handle is built into the extruded rail. Sadly, the bolt catch functionality is still just one-sided.

    Interestingly, the weapon is set up with a backup magazine located in the pistol grip. Like the actual magazine catch, the reserve one is also 100% ambidextrous and when utilized for a quick magazine change, is easy as pie to release and re-insert the magazine in the weapon and go – all without having to go to web gear.

    Rounding out some solid specs are the fire control group manufactured from S7 tool steel, a premium 4150 1/10 twist barrel, suppressor compatibility, and the usage of what looks to be AR-15 fire control components (with titanium pins!) and AR-15 stocks.

    MSRP for the completed lower is $275 and a “Ready to Customize” version is pegged at $165. Uppers are listed at $599. All come complete with Foxtrot Mike’s Transferable Lifetime Warranty. 



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