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    Unique but functional – that is my current mantra for firearm/suppressor acquisition guidelines. I have ARs. In fact, everyone has AR’s. So when I go lusting after a new rifle, I start looking at the list that includes my semi-grail guns. You know the ones – if you save up for a hefty amount of time you can swing it, but your gun budget is dead for the rest of the year. For me, one of those firearms has always been an authentic Sig 553 rifle. And even though the Sig Sauer (USA) versions are now long discontinued, JDI Firearms is making it possible to import beautiful but functional Swiss art.

    Sure, magazines and parts are pricey, but just look at this rifle. Look at it!

    The guns are imported as pistols due to (inane) import restrictions. However, JDI Firearms will happily provide you a serial number when you pay for your rifle in full so that you can begin your ATF Form 1 (SBR) application process.

    Details, links, products and availability are listed below. Go on, let me live vicariously through you.

    Current JDI Firearms Availability and Information:

    You can pay in full now for either the 553R-P, 551P or the SAPR 751 pistol and get your Serial Number to file ATF Form 1. Deposits for each pistol is $500 with balance due upon shipping. We do not take payment over the website, call for payment options at (214)773-0129. Please note that all firearms come into the country as a PISTOL.

    The expected delivery of the 553R pistol will be August 2017 due to a redesign of the magazine well and ejection port.

    Swiss Arms Import numbers and cost:

    • 751 SAPR, 100 units, $4050, Barrel 14.3″, ATF Approved, In stock – limited availability
    • 553R, 100, $2650, 11.9″, ATF Approved, September delivery
    • 551, 51, $3250, 14.3″, ATF Approved 4/28/17, In stock – limited availability
    • 553 in 5.56, unlimited, $3250, 10.7″, ATF Approved, special order 4-8 weeks
    • 553 in .300BLK, unlimited, $3250, 12″, ATF Approved, November/December delivery
    • ​​511, .50BMG, $18,500, 3 left in stock, less then 15 imported
    • ATF has approved all 553 Conversion Kits in 5.56 and 551 short barrel conversion kit

    JDI Firearms

    Parts Availability:



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