Kimber Adds more K6s Revolvers & a NEW Royal II Texas Edition

    Royal II Texas Edition

    Kimber rolls out summer edition firearms every year which usually means more unique or exotic colors in existing models. For the summer of 2017, they pitched the industry a curve ball. Kimber announced 3 new K6s revolver models and a Royal II Texas Edition that will be limited to 800 firearms.

    All 4 of the new pistols can be seen below with their associated MSRPs.

    Royal II Texas Edition

    Kimber 2017 Mid-Year Releases

    All of these new pistol models look pretty desirable. The big question is, are you a revolver lover? Or a pistol fan?

    The Royal II Texas Edition is the biggest headliner being as only 800 will be produced. A special serial number has been designated for these firearms which will lead with the letters “TXEB.” With the flag of Texas on one panel of the bonded ivory grips and the 1835 motto of “Come and Take It” mirrored on the opposite side, it definitely embodies the Lone Star state. The scroll engraving, deep bluing and polished flats give it quite a bit of curb appeal. The only unappealing feature about the gun is the MSRP of $1,633.

    The 3 new revolvers all offer something unique and new to the K6s platform. The K6s Stainless (3″ Barrel) obviously offers the shooter a longer barrel; thus, longer sighting radius to extend the reach and accuracy of the K6s. The K6s DC sticks with the standard 2″ barrel and goes the route of more discreet carry. With Carry Melt edges, smooth G-10 grips, night sights and a complete DLC finish it is everything you would expect on a non-attention grabbing carry piece to have. Finally, the K6s CDP exhibits more curb appeal, but also the utility of a good carry revolver. Similar to the K6s DC, you have the Carry Melt edges, night sights and DLC finish. To add a little more style, it features a diamond checkered rosewood grip and stainless accents on the barrel, cylinder and cylinder release button.

    The MSRPs of these new K6s revolvers flutter anywhere fromĀ $899 – $1,155.

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