When ‘Murica Meets Troll Level Expert – “The Most American AR-15”

    Various channels have celebrated and/or are continuing to celebrate July 4th. With many in our firearms loving community celebrating Independence Day with more fervor than Christmas, the bandwagoning and obligatory thank you’s can be forgiven. In Independence Day’s defense, it is not just a Christian holiday.

    Then comes MrGunsNGear… MrGnG, who normally wields the banhammer with Thor’s majesty decides to show us all he’s learned a thing or two from the incessant hecklers. He goes full blown Murican to celebrate and the result is utterly hilarious, unbelievable, totally possible, and absolutely outrageous.

    Starting with a Colt M4, an M4 gets a redneck makeover with a smorgasbord of parts including just in optics: iron sights, ACOG, RMR, red dot,  and a PVS-14. “Just in case the night fight goes down” there is the white light in the form of two Streamlight mounts on the rail.

    For magazines, no less than six ETS magazines were selected and bonded for simultaneous mounting. That’s enough ammo for the gun to last most firefights. To keep the weapon stable, an AFG and vertical foregrip come in handy and when the magazines get too heavy, an Atlas bipod keeps it level on the ground.

    Still, we do have to chide him on one part’s selection – the Holosun tertiary optic is not made in the USA.



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