Is VODA Consulting Mentally Challenged? YouTuber Proves He Is With Science … And A Shot Timer

    Over the last several weeks Voda Consulting has taken some rather serious heat for the video they released where the founder of VODA Consulting Michael Thervil A.K.A. Lucian Black posted a video of him performing something he calls the E.D.A./E.C.K. drill. The question had to be answered, is VODA Consulting retarded?

    Now I previously wrote a post about Thervil’s response to the gun community’s outcry after the video was posted that likely went over like a fart in church, but a YouTuber has taken it upon himself to answer that very question by using science, truth, facts and a shot timer.

    Thervil has repeatedly said that no one has used science to prove him wrong, so someone thought they should use science to prove his methods wrong.

    Youtuber Bastion Black Performance drug a cardboard target out, an airsoft gun, a timer and a knife out to a range to see if he was faster and used other carry positions to see if something else is more efficient or faster. Not only was he faster than Thervil with the E.D.A/E.C.K. drill, but when he switched over to his preferred carry position he was significantly faster as well as when he went to use the knife only.

    Thervil’s response? The results were inadmissible because a real gun wasn’t used. No matter that Bastion Black Performance used an airsoft gun in the interest of safety (I mean, who wants to shoot themselves by accident?) that approximated a ‘real steel’ gun. I totally get why a real firearm wasn’t used and am frankly a little disturbed that Thervil couldn’t see the merit in the video because the shooter had safety in mind.