Throwback: Raven Concealment Phantom Reviewed By Military Arms Channel Tim Without A Beard

    As long as I have been watching Military Arms Channel, I don’t think I have ever seen Tim without a beard. When I came across this video while searching for a particular holster fitment video to go with my post that went live earlier today, I knew I had to share it.

    The video is posted at the bottom of the post. Watch it.

    Tim does a pretty good little dance while showing the fitment of the holster though. So that’s nice.

    That said, the delivery of the narration if very much like what you would expect, but only with a mostly naked face. His review of an earlier Raven Concealment Systems Phantom made me pull my own Raven Concealment holster out and compare fitment and construction to the one in Tim’s video. Not surprisingly, Raven has made several small changes to the manufacturing process.

    While it may not be with the same Glock model that Tim has in the video, my FN 509 holster from Raven won’t retain the gun when shook upside down leading me to believe that they may have revisited the amount of retention built into the holster. They also seem to have changed the molding process and use a form that is simpler than the ones previously used. Raven has retained the no tension screw design which I like.

    Bonus points to Tim for carrying an old school cool fish gill Glock 19. Bravo.