For this Vet Morning Coffee + Tourniquet = Good Ending for Road Rager

    Road rage is no joke. Having seen it (but fortunately never been involved), the constantly rising tension can lead to some bad ju-ju in no time flat. That is especially true if a firearm becomes involved. Able to easily penetrate the standard sheet-metal of most modern vehicles, even pistols can be dangerous. One hapless individual found that out the hard way in North Texas.

    Reported by Popular Military via KDFW-TV, a road-rage incident happened Wednesday 28th in Fort Worth, Texas at Interstate 820 and Highway 26. One of the participants took a shot through the forearm where he pulled off the interstate at a local Waffle House.

    A local Army veteran was eating breakfast at the Waffle House during the commotion and proceeded to inspect the wound while drinking coffee. After determining the wound required a tourniquet, he fashioned one from a typical key lanyard until the paramedics arrived and took over treatment.

    While the road-rager should not have gotten himself in that position in the first place, the incident shows how training and keeping calm goes a long way to ensuring everyone’s safety. Further, the knowledge of when to use and how to use a tourniquet likely saved the road-rager a whole lot of life and limb.

    Bravo, Mr. Army Vet. Well done, sir.


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