Irony Anyone? V7 Weapons Offers Ultralight Buffer Kit with “Heavy 1” Buffer

    V7 Weapons Systems, known for their awesome ultra-light weight AR and other components has released their latest ultralight kit for the AR-15. Dubbed the “Ultra-Light Buffer Kit” the kit combines V7’s best-known lightweight parts for the rear of your modern sporting rifle (which I own many on my ultra-light build).

    Interestingly, the kit is offered in two forms, one with the “standard” 7075 aluminum and the offer with the 2055 lithium aluminum material. 2055 is reported to be lighter and stronger than the well-respected 7075 alloy. Fortunately, the reduction in weight is not a huge increase in price, only adding $25.

    The kit includes:

    • Buffer tube (user’s choice of material
    • 7068 aluminum lightweight castle nut
    • Ultra-light quick detach endplate
    • Titanium buffer retainer with spring
    • H1 buffer
    • Carbine action spring

    I have to stop and note the “H1” Buffer, which seems completely counterintuitive for the goal of creating the lightest weight AR-15. H1 adds an incredible .8 ounces to the weight of the firearm, which can be detrimental to the ultra-light aficionado’s ultra-light goals.

    In all seriousness, the key to getting an ultra-light to work right is the use of an adjustable gas block. Adding weight to the buffer is unneeded for function and the tungsten weight will increase cost too.

    Retail for the kit runs at $109.00 for the 7075 aluminum model and $130 for the 2055 lithium aluminum option. 


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