Moore Advanced Dynamics MAD MAX MP5 Bolt Head

    Weak or fatigued extractor springs can effect proper case removal in the Heckler and Koch MP5/roller lock rifle platforms. And the only real remedy is to have several spares on hand in case the installed spring starts to go south. However, Moore Advanced Dynamics (MAD) has developed the MAX Bolt Head to address reliability issues in semi and fully automatic guns.

    The unit has been tested to 100,000 rounds with far fewer extractor related malfunctions as opposed to their spring counterparts. The MAX is made from 9130 steel, is heat treated and uses no MIM parts.

    I’ll definitely be investing in this MAD invention once my TPM Outfitters MP5SD finally clears ATF purgatory.

    Moore Advanced Dynamics (MAD) MP5 Bolt Head:


    The H&K MP5 has a long history of reliability, service & precision. One issue has repeatedly affected the MP5, failures to extract due to a weak or bent wire extractor spring. Moore Advanced Dynamics (M.A.D.) introduces the Moore Advanced X-tractor (M.A.X) to address those issues. The M.A.X. drop-in bolt head fits all existing roller lock MP5 style pistols & rifles. It has proven to increase function and reliability in semi & full auto weapons.

    These have been extensively tested @ well known Full Auto ranges like Battlefield Vegas with our Omega line and have proven to be almost unstoppable . If you are looking for more time on the target with your MP5 then you may want to consider the MAX Bolt head for your Arsenal . Please see the spec sheet below for more info .

    MSRP:$325 + Shipping $7.99.00 VIA USPS Priority Mail

    $299 @ AtlanticArms

    Moore Advanced Dynamics

    As a comparison, here’s a standard Bolt Head c/o


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