Ruger LC9s: Now with Stainless Slide

    Ruger LC9s

    Sturm, Ruger and Company announced a new version of the LC9s: one with a stainless finished slide.┬áThe new guns are certainly not revolutionary, but they do offer the consumer another option when selecting a gun for purchase. In times like these – where there is a seeming drop in demand for at least some kinds of firearms – companies are able to focus on broadening consumer choice. It would seem that this LC9s is one such example.

    The new pistols are functionally identical to the base Ruger LC9s. However, the latest introduction has a stainless finished slide. The barrel remains blued. For this version of the gun, the MSRP increased $20 to $499.

    If you are not already familiar with these guns, the LC9s is a striker fired, compact pistol chambered in 9mm. Size-wise, the guns are larger than the LCP series, but smaller than the SR9 line of handguns. The pistol holds 7 rounds of 9mm in the magazine, and they have 3.12″ barrels.

    While Ruger offers a number of LC9s pistols with a stainless slide, all of them before this one have been special runs made for various distributors like Talo and Gallery of Guns. Some of these special run models have different colored frames and elaborate scroll work on the slide.

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