Ruger Pleases NJ, NY, MD & MA Residents with AR-556 Legal for Consumption (Of Ammo)


    If you sadly live in New Jersey, New York, Maryland or Massachusetts and actually like firearms, your list of legal AR-15s can probably fit on the bar napkin you drink your sorrows away on. OK, that is slightly over the top, but legal ones are few and far between. Ruger is adding to that list with a new AR-556 with a MonsterMan grip.

    Some notable features, or modifications depending on how you look at it, that make it legal in the aforementioned states are:

    • Threaded Barrel (1/2″ x 28 TPI) w/ Thread Protector [No Flash Hider or Muzzle Device]
    • Fixed A2 Stock [No Scary Collapsible Stock]
    • 10-Round Magazine [None of that High-Cap Nonsense]
    • MonsterMan Grip [It Ain’t a Pistol Grip If Your Hand Can’t Go All the Way Around]

    Other than those few changes, it is the same AR-556 Ruger has been affordably producing for quite some time. A short overview of this rifle’s specs can be seen below:


    This is still a rifle with a chrome-plated bolt carrier group and gas key. A barrel with a 1:8″ twist rate which is favorable for heavier bullets. The Ruger Rapid Deploy rear sight this gun comes with has all the aesthetics and functionality of a Magpul MBUS which most all AR lovers should be familiar with as well.

    All-in-all not a bad option if you come from Maryland, Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey.

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