M-LOK Rail for VEPR Coming from AKOU and TDI Arms

    I love me some Rob Ski. Outside personifying the spirit of Americanism by immigrating and serving in the military, he’s a stand-up no-BS kind of content creator. I mean, just for the fun of it (and on his own dime) he has been putting 5,000 rounds through guns just to see their long-term usage.

    So, it makes me happy to see Rob Ski teaming up with TDI Arms on their upcoming M-LOK rail for VEPR AKs. Knowing Rob has more rounds through an AK that most special forces soldiers or even weapons testers, the likelihood for a great production at launch is high.

    The new rail is manufactured out of aluminum (only 5.9 ounces) and hard-coat anodized. It features two M-LOK cuts on the sides and bottom with venting and lightening cuts to round out the exterior features. Further, but the looks and clearances in the part, it will be compatible with the various gas tube picatinny rail adapters such as Midwest Industries and the Optimak.

    Sadly, the part will not count for domestic 922r content. The rail will be made in Israel. Retail pricing is set at $99.99. Rob Ski and AKOU reports that they are about three weeks out as of May 27th. That puts the formal release in mid June.


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