INTERACT-“Shooting The IDF Way” 10 Part FB Live Series

    Command Arms Accessories is currently showing a 10 part Facebook Live series narrated by Lieutenant  Colonel (Ret) Mikey Hartman, discussing Israeli Defense Force combat marksmanship programs, of which Hartman himself was professionally involved in throughout his entire career in the IDF. The first episode was filmed and released on Friday, May 26th at 1 PM, and the rest of the episodes will be released in the upcoming months, with each episode being released on the last week of each ensuing month. The episodes are titled as follows- Seven Laws of Shooting, Ballistics, and Zeroing, Standing Position, Kneeling Position and Sitting Position, Charging the weapon, Scenario, Dealing with Stoppages, Night Shooting, and Sharpshooting the IDF Way. The first episode and ensuing episodes can be viewed on CAA’s Facebook page. If readers have been tracking Hartman’s “Train The Trainer” classes, the Facebook Live series appears to be very similar when it comes to material.

    As evidenced by the U.S. fascination with the Tavor (And Canada through Eddy O), there is a very strong interest in all things IDF both within the commercial/private side of the small arms industry, in addition to the government/military side. Very rarely do we often get direct chances such as this too personally interact with such a knowledgeable figure when it comes to IDF marksmanship training. In addition, if Hartman can’t answer any questions during the Facebook Live episode, he’ll create a separate episode entirely for questions to be directly answered.

    Some of the takeaways from this episode that I got was the need for the IDF to establish such a shooting school due to the vast differences in various units teaching troops combat marksmanship. Another point is the ZUES mat and the 45 degree angle cant shooting.

    I’ve once heard that a good teacher is a life-long student. As instructors, shooters, gun owners, enthusiasts, collectors, etc… I firmly believe that we should be continuing to further our education if only to know other options or ways that might be alien to us. Episodes such as this allow us to see a different approach to marksmanship through examining what the IDF uses.


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