Breaking News: Lithgow Arms USA ATRAX Up For Pre-Order

    Josh Whi, over at Lithgow Arms USA , clued me in that they have launched a new website and they are taking pre-orders right now for the ATRAX.

    The Lithgow ATRAX was recently in the new Aliens Covenant movie.

    According to Josh, the pre-orders will ship in September 2017. I pressed him on this and he assures it will happen given their strict testing. So no worries of the ATRAX becoming the new MDR.

    When the pre-order goes thru, they will contact you and they will ship the ATRAX direct to your FFL of choice.

    On top of the pre-order and new website, they have published their new Facebook page. Check it out and follow them for news and updates. Go to to put in your pre-order for your very own Atrax.




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