Birchwood Casey Goes From Targets to Rests with the “Nest Rest”

    There are few things better than splatter targets at the range. While high-magnification spotting scopes can help with shot identification at shorter ranges, trying to group a rifle at extended range can be a bit of a chore unless there is some help. Yes, modern electronic cameras and wi-fi equipped tables are quickly becoming the norm – its an expensive norm. The splatter targets are thus the perfect low-cost solution.

    Thus, I was a bit surprised to see Birchwood Casey perhaps best known for their bird-poop looking splatter targets thus getting into the range rest market. Fortunately for us shooters, they have opted to stay in the “great solution – great price” segment of the market with their latest new offering the “Nest Rest.”

    Basically, The Nest Rests are stackable soft and durable rubber material that can be a field expedient, yet perfectly usable rifle rest. By using their shape to cradle the rifle, it’s easily to get a nice firm shooting position. To adjust the angle of the weapon, simply move either rest backward or forwards, depending on the situation.

    As a bonus, the two rests are completely stackable inside one another making for a compact and lightweight solution versus the norm of heavy sandbags. The largest is only 6.6″ x 6″ x 5″ D.

    Retail pricing is set at $24.99


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