The Walker Trigger Saga Walks Again to the Tune of 1/2 Million

    Remington just can’t catch a break. First with issues with the ill-fated R51, a “recall” that was not a “recall”, and various other legal issues settled against them including action by Q’s Kevin Brittingham, it would seem big green is on a bit of a losing streak. Latest to add injury on top of insult and injury is a case from Louisiana.

    Plaintiff Precious SeguinĀ has won a case against the Remington Arms Company to the tune of a precious $500,000. The award is the result of a cross-section of an incident on October 28, 2013, where Precious was struck by a bullet accidentally discharged from a Remington 710 rifle from her father during a hunt. The round hit Precious in the keester and proceeded exit through her right elbow. (Bullets do very strange things indeed).

    Remington, despite having a massive “recall” on the very same trigger unit, asserted that the weapon did not accidentally discharge and that they had testing to back it up – at least of that particular rifle. Further, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries determined that theĀ cause was an external object or negligent handling.

    Perhaps Remington may be right about this particular case, but the damage done by the multi-million settlement does leave a fair amount of blood in the water.


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