On Handling Accidental Discharges

    A whole lot of internet ink is wasted on the topic of discharges of firearms under unintended circumstances – let’s call it unintended acceleration – but for guns. In almost all cases, it’s entirely possible to actually avoid the situation entirely – like develop floor mats that do not catch the end of the accelerator pedal. And in other cases, if one actually knows how to drive, do not panic the car can be put in neutral, use the parking brake to slow the vehicle.

    That is again if one knows how to drive instead of wanting to sue someone for a situation that could have been avoided… but I digress.

    If one was understanding the metaphor, I was referring to disassembly of Glocks and “knowing what to do” implies pointing the gun in a safe direction just in case of personal idiocy or factors outside one’s control.

    Example A of this awesomeness is MrGunsNGear who has experienced a verifiable and true “accidental discharge” through the use of what is now deemed subpar lower parts kit. When shooting his rifle the weapon fired on reset of the trigger – which is a design problem if the trigger is not a Fostech Echo.

    He handled it like a boss and by ensuring that he was following the four safety rules to the best extent possible, loosed the round downrange without further incident. Check out this paragon of gun safety and the footage below:


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