Gunsticles – For When You REALLY Have to Compensate

    There was the Tactical Sack, AKA the Tac-Sac, and now there are the Gunsticles which take the whole firearms mounted scrotum to a whole new level – now with more swing. The new take on the old joke adds a ball ring to ensure the jokes on the shooter.

    The Tac Sac was at least capable of masquerading as a legit firearm fondling foregrip, the Gunsticle Tactical Testicle is perhaps a solution in search of two very large problems. Instead of a rigid, perhaps erect option of the Tac Sac, the Gunstricles freely swing on your picatinny rail mount of choice. I would argue the Gunsticles need a bit more support. Boxer briefs at the least.

    If you need to overcompensate (or let’s face it – get a rip-roaring blue elephant gift for the tac-tard in your life), head on over to where you can get your choice of scrotum in either free-balling form or in a ready-made patriotic sticker form.

    The Gunsticles are available in either Dark Earth or Tactical Back. Stickers are in the good old red white and blue (poor Old Glory!). Picatinny mounted options are $19.95 with free shipping and the stickers start a single buck for the pair.

    Details from Gunsticles:

    The perfect accessory for the gun enthusiast! A great gift for yourself or a loved one, Gunsticles Tactical Testicles are a great way to make a trip to the range even more fun!

    • A glorious set of wonderful novelty balls to be admired by all of your friends, colleagues, and family members
    • Beautifully hand sculpted by an artisan and professionally injection molded
    • Compatible with all Picatinny and Weaver rail equipped rifle systems
    • Lightweight and Durable (3 oz.) with a subtle, soothing texture
    • Professionally designed attractive packaging that will make an impact on the recipient
    • Mounting Instructions and Safety Guide included
    • The perfect size to make a lasting impression
    • Designed for firearms, Airsoft, and paintball guns
    • Includes rail mount, magnificent Gunsticles scrotum, attachment ring, strong, heat resistant nylon set screw – designed to allow the Gunsticles to mount to a rail without damaging its cosmetic finish, and complimentary hex wrench – everything you need
    • Available in Tactical Black or Dark Earth colors.  Colors may vary slightly from illustrations.

    TFB’s FNG. Completely irreverent of all things marketing but a passionate lover of new ideas and old ones well executed. Enjoys musing on all things firearms, shooting 3-gun, and attempting to be both tacticool AND tactical.