Counterfeit Warning: Fake KDG Sidelok Mounts Have Hit the Market

Ray I.
by Ray I.

In most industries having your products knocked-off is nothing new, the same is true for the firearms accessory market. Just recently we posted about fake UpLULA magazine loaders being sold on Amazon. Then there was that $2 million load of counterfeit Glock mags seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, they also seized a load of fake Blackhawk Holsters a few years back. There’s even been fake Magpul PMAGs out there.

Perhaps the most counterfeited gun accessory out there are optics, everything from Trijicon ACOGs, Leupold scopes and EOTech holographic sights are copied. Now it seems the copy cats overseas are counterfeiting optic mounts.

Kinetic Development Group recently shared the guide above to spot counterfeit versions of their Sidelok mount that have been spotted on eBay and other retailers online. To be sure you’re getting the real deal it’s always best to purchase from approved dealers and sources.

The tell-tale signs that a KDG mount might be fake are:

– No cage code listed on the side of the mount, wrong part number or fuzzy engraving.

– Rough tool marks.

– No recoil lug and mounting holes in the incorrect locations.

– Painted coating instead of a smooth, deep black anodized finish.

– Philips head screws used instead of Allen head.

– Won’t hold zero.

Ray I.
Ray I.

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  • Joe Schmo Joe Schmo on May 22, 2017

    I could have read this news 5 days ago on SoldierSystems, but that's non of my business...

  • William William on May 27, 2017

    I see amazons has some still listed .
    I try not to use them unless I can't find something anyplace else.