Canadian Rossi 12ga Shotgun Pistol

    Just the other day Nathaniel F posted about the Short Barreled Shotgun. Well in Canada, Rossi is importing some non-restricted shotguns with pistol grips. They come with 18.5″ barrels but due to some loopholes in Canada’s firearm laws regarding shotguns and handguns this 12Ga pistol is able to be made legally.

    Our understanding is that only about 50-60 of the full sized 18″ versions entered the country. With the realization that they had been sold with barrels less than the prescribed 18.5″ they were quickly re-categorized as handguns. As handguns according to Canadian Law; barrels could be legally shortened to a length of no less than 4.25″ and submitted to the Firearms Center for “FURTHER RECLASSIFICATION” and “ALTERATION” by qualified gunsmith. The process includes shipping off photographs of the completed firearm and having its dimensions verified So to answer your question… one is selling them commercially anymore in Canada. They are out there. Only 5 have been changed in this manner legally and been approved by the government for range use. So if you can find one……hang onto your hat…… BECAUSE ITS ONE INSANE SHOOT!!!!!!


    I am not sure I would want to shoot one of these. I think this may take the title from the Cobray Terminator as the worst shotgun. Even though it is not shouldered fired, I think I rather shoot the Terminator than this hand cannon.

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