UPDATE: FN America’s Bid Protest Dismissed

    Last month we reported that FN America was protesting Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s decision to go with the Sig P320 as their new sidearm. Sadly there isn’t much transparency when you are looking into these protests, and quite a lot is left to the imagination.

    A quick check of the Government Accountability Office’s website shows that both protests lodged by FN America have been dismissed clearing the way for SIG to deliver the first pistols to ICE per the contract.

    We reached out to both SIG and FN to find out what had been protested, both companies declined to comment on the record.

    You can see both protest decisions by clicking HERE and HERE.

    While on the GAO website, I decided to look up the Glock protest and found that it has still not been decided. At the time this post is being written the dispute over the new MHS pistol is still very much alive lending some life to the rumors that there are some issues with the P320 that came out during testing.

    You can check the status of the Glock MHS protest by clicking HERE.