Miniature Arms Society | NRA 17

    No that is not a comically over sized dime. I saw the Minature Arms Society booth as I was walking along the low number aisles of the NRA Annual Meeting show room.

    They are a group of makers and collectors of miniature firearms. I asked one of them if these fire and their answer was “we do not make ammo”. That wasn’t a “no” so theoretically these could fire if you could find ammo small enough to chamber in them. They are completely scaled down replicas of their full size counter parts.

    Zavie Kucer is the son of David Kucer who has made miniature firearms for decades. Kucer’s minatures have been on displau at the NRA Annual Meetings since 1989. Here are some samples of miniature firearms on display at this year’s Annual Meeting.


    You can check out Zavie Kucer’s Instagram account for some great close up shots of his and his father’s work.

    Winchester 1866. These markings on the top of the barrel are 1/3 scale. Made using a delightfully simple yet hard to master machine called a pantograph. the depth of the markings are about 1/5 the thickness of a piece of paper.


    Dad is working on the British bulldog. This shows the original and the miniatures. Not bad for 94 years old. And by way, he carved the ring too.


    A functional cutaway of a 1/3 scaled Colt 1911. Every part in the origiinal is visible though a cutout in the miniature.

    Here is their 1/3 scale C96 mauser.

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