KRISS Vector Extended Handguard & Caliber Conversions | NRA 17

    What’s new for KRISS USA at the NRA Annual Meeting? They have a new extended handguard for the Vector.

    In the past there were only two options for an extended handguard for the KRISS Vector. Either the Diamondhead USA extension or a custom handguard.

    The Diamondhead USA extension is not that aesthetically pleasing.


    Here is a Midwest Industries handguard I modified with a dremel for my Vector Carbine.


    The new KRISS Vector handguard is shaped to accommodate the new box shaped barrel shroud and should work well if using a Osprey45 or suppressor.



    At first glance, I thought they missed an opportunity to have the slots be MLOK pattern, But then looking at how little room there is between the shroud and handguard, it would not be possible to use MLOK accessories. Instead they drilled and tapped the handguard to work with their exisiting side rails. You could use the Midwest Industries MLOK KRISS Side rail if you wanted to as well.

    Unfortunately no word on pricing or availability on the handguard. All I could get out of Mytchel, the KRISS employee, was that it will be coming out soon.

    KRISS also had some interesting conversion kits on display. Right now the KRISS Vector is available in .45 ACP, 9mm and 10mm.

    Next up will be a .40 S&W chambered KRISS Vector followed by a .357 SIG Vector.



    This blue Vector is made to run Simunitions however it is the only one of its kind at the moment. If clients are interested in having a training Vector, KRISS USA can accommodate them.


    Also right now, KRISS USA is running a KRISS Vector Giveaway. You do not have to be at the NRA Annual Meeting to sign up.

    You can go to their website and enter for a chance to win a Vector.


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