Allstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash Hider and Snake Oil | NRA 17

    Allstar Tactical is based out of Rochester, NY and its owner, Mike Centola, designs and makes everything he sells.


    His Corkscrew Flash Hider looks like a medieval torture device but look past its flaboyant design and you will see a product that actually works very well.

    If you look closely at the photo below, you can see ridges cut into the tines of the Corkscrew. These ridges help to generate turbulence within the Corkscrew which helps reduce the possibility of the gasses exiting the muzzle from igniting.

    They offer the Corkscrew sharpened or a “Not So Stabby” version below. Mike is working on a shortened version for his LE customers.


    Along side the Corkscrew, is their Snake Oil Prime Firearm Lubricant. Yes he is selling snake oil and that is the joke. However do not let the name fool you. Allstar Tactical Snake Oil is a molybdenum disulfide based lubricant. The moly adheres to metal and even when the liquid has evaporated over time, the moly will act like a dry lubricant. It has an operating temperature of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You can check out their products on their website

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