Gander Mountain May Have Found a Suitor in Sportsman’s Warehouse

    Sportsman's Warehouse

    Sportsman’s Warehouse is currently in private discussions about purchasing upwards of 80% of Gander Mountain‘s stores. It is undecided whether the Gander Mountain stores would then be re-branded as Sportsman’s Warehouse locations or remain the same. If Sportsman’s Warehouse were to acquire Gander Mountain at a reasonable price this could be a very valuable acquisition.

    Sportsman’s Warehouse is based out of Utah with most of their stores blanketing western states (80 Stores – 22 States). Gander Mountain, on the other hand, has a strong presence throughout much of the Midwest and Atlantic regions (160 Stores – 27 States). This would more evenly establish Sportsman’s Warehouse’s coverage of the United States regardless of their branding choice.

    Gander Mountain is wading through its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings with a tentative auction date still set for the end of April or early May. Gander Mountain has previously stated that there are multiple “interested parties” in purchasing them, but Sportsman’s Warehouse is the only company to exhibit public interest.

    If this purchase by Sportsman’s Warehouse were to go through, it could save a lot of Gander Mountain stores and keep hundreds of people employed. If the sale does not go through there are still 32 stores scheduled to close their doors by mid-July throughout 26 states.

    With estimates of Gander Mountain‘s assets and debts being between $500 Million and $1 Billion (that is one hell of a range) it will be a fairly messy ordeal ironing out the details if an acquisition is to occur.

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