Shooters Element Extended Magazine Release for CZ Scorpion EVO 3

    Shooters Element designs and manufactures CZ Scorpion EVO 3 enhanced parts. Among their latest products is an extended magazine release latch for the EVO 3. This accessory allows not only to detach the magazine as it was intended by the original design (by pressing the release paddle with the index finger) but also to do it AK or MP5 style.

    According to Shooters Element, the extended mag release also works as a funnel to help guiding the new magazine into the Scorpion’s magazine well. In order to install it, you need to drive out the magazine release lever axis pin, remove the existing magazine release, then insert the new one and put the pin back into its place. Although it is a relatively easy operation requiring minimum tools and skills, the manufacturer still recommends a gunsmith installation.

    This magazine release is available on Shooters Element’s website at $44.99.

    The extended paddle gives more flexibility in terms of weapon manipulation. It is also just another option for those who prefer the AK style magazine release. Also, the CZ Scorpion EVO mags are not necessarily drop-free ones. So it should be more reliable and consistent to come up with your support hand, grab the magazine simultaneously pressing the magazine release button and pull the magazine out. It can be done with the original mag release too, but the extended one will make it much easier. Here are some tips on CZ Scorpion reloads by Travis Haley:

    Here is also a video review of this product:

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