Inland Firearms Low-Cost PM-22 Rimfire Suppressor

    When it comes to National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled items, there’s a weird reverse psychology that goes into purchase decisions. It’s almost as if lower priced items are passed over, especially those that fall in the “under $200”. With silencer popularity skyrocketing, budget minded buyers are not as fazed by pricess that fall under the tax stamp threshold. In this vein, Inland Manufacturing is announcing the $190 PM-22 rimfire suppressor that uses a “replaceable” polymer monocore baffle system.

    Polymer inside a suppressor? Sure, why not. heat and pressure levels inside a rimfire can don’t come close to the levels found inside their centerfire brethren. Besides, Inland is boasting a 10K+ round count without needing a factory installed replacement.

    When I fall asleep at night, I dream of NFA deregulation, and the ability of every freedom-loving American to experience affordable suppressed shooting. After all, it’s just a tube.

    MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, April 2017 – Inland Firearms, makers of the incredibly popular Inland series of M1Carbines, is now producing a classic-looking sound suppressor for .22 rimfire firearms that will be marketed exclusively through MKS Supply and will be on display at the NRA Convention booth 4632.

    • Materials: The all-new PM-22 suppressor is constructed of 6000 series aluminum and weighs a feathery 3.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest such units on the market. The black anodized, one-inch-diameter tube is 5.5 inches long. For durability, the ½ x 28 threaded base adapter is stainless steel with a tough black oxide finish.
    • Interior sound baffles: The PM-22 uses a unique monolithic, X-design polymer baffle system core that can be used either “wet” or dry. Full disassembly can be completed without tools, and cleaning is simple using hot water and Inland’s dB Suppressor Foam.
    • Rimfire ammunition creates lower gas pressure, heat and flame than does centerfire ammunition. Inland’s patent pending polymer baffle system has been tested to 10,000 rounds (so far) without needing replacement. If baffle replacement does become necessary, the PM-22 has a lifetime warranty (NFA replacement and shipping rules apply).
    • Facts concerning this suppressor: Polymer baffles have less inherent harmonic metallic resonance than metal and they are produced using injection molding rather than with much more costly metal machining. This keeps the price lower.
    • Sound: The Inland suppressor keeps the decibel level in the low to mid-80s*** using subsonic ammunition and when shot dry. When combined with Inland’s patent pending sound suppressing dB Foam, the sound is reduced another 3-5 decibels (a 4-ounce can of dB Foam is included with each suppressor). To say it another way, with subsonic ammunition, only the functioning of the pistol’s action is audible from more than a few yards away.


    Inland Firearms PM-22 Specifications:

    • Weight: 3.5 ounces
    • Length: 5.5 inches
    • Diameter: 1.0 inch
    • Exterior tube: Black anodized 6000 series aluminum with stainless steel black oxide barrel adapter
    • Baffles: Monolithic I-Core polymer monolithic X design
    • Lifetime warranty
    • MSRP: $189.95

    MKS Supply, LLC
    [email protected]

    The new PM-22 rimfire suppressor is 5.5” overall length and just under 1” diameter. Weighing in at 3.5 oz, it could be one of the lightest suppressors on the market today. The new Inland PM-22 is constructed with an aluminum tube and stainless steel base threaded ½ X 28 TPI. The I-Core polymer monolithic disposable baffle system features the X Baffle system that was designed to be used dry or with the new dBFoamsuppressorfoam for maximum efficiency.

    *** UPDATE – Thanks to everyone who pointed out what I should have caught the first time: mid-80dB for a suppressed firearm is virtually impossible.


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