Ruger Precision Rifle Integrally Suppressed from Witt Machine & Tool

    Witt Machine & Tool

    Witt Machine & Tool, most notable for their muzzle devices, is now fashioning integrally suppressed barrels to the ever-popular Ruger Precision rifle. For the time being, they are taking pre-orders and making integrally-suppressed Precisions chambered in .308 Winchester only.

    Witt Machine & Tool is allowing consumers to get a Ruger Precision integrally suppressed through a couple different pathways. You can purchase a completely finished rifle at the tune of $2,899. You also have the option of sending in a Ruger Precision you already own and getting the barrel upgraded for $950.

    This integrally suppressed design by Witt Machine & Tool is sold exclusively
    by MachineGunTours. They have a full product listing and description on their website and can be contacted directly if you wish to have your Ruger Precision integrally suppressed.

    An overview of the end product can be read below:

    • 8″ Stainless Steel Monocore Pinned to the Ruger Factory Barrel
    • 24″+ Titanium Over-Sleeve; Titanium Front & Rear Sealing Rings; Secured by 6 Socket Screws
    • No Dramatic Impact Shifts after Servicing – No Need for Re-Zero
    • 15″ PHNX HexGuard fitted over the Suppressor Sleeve (One 4” Rail Included)
    • 28″ Overall, Integrally-Suppressed Barrel Length
    • New-In-Box: 10 Lbs. 9.3 Oz. — Integrally-Suppressed: 11 Lbs. 13.8 Oz.
    • Titanium Sleeve Color Options: Polished Titanium, Graphite Black or Flat Dark Earth
    • Bi-Pod & Scope Pictured NOT Included
    • All NFA Rules apply

    A short synopsis of the suppressed rifle can be watched below from MachineGunTours. They give a nice demonstration of both super-sonic, sub-sonic, and suppressed ammo being fired.

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