Agency Arms Patents The ‘Accelerator Cut’

    Polymer framed pistol modifications have become big business in the last decade. Between stippling, reductions, finger groove removal and other alterations, framework can cost upwards of $500. And if you add in slide milling for optics, added grip surfaces or just plain old beauty┬ácuts, a complete pistol that normally costs $500 can end up pushing the $2K mark. So it’s no surprise that the larger custom houses like Agency Arms have begun to protect their designs through the use of patents.

    Known as the ‘Accelerator Cut’, Agency Arms just received an approval for an ‘ornamental design for a portion of a handgun frame, as shown and described’. From their site:

    We remove the finger grooves, add “Accelerator Cuts” to the front of the frame, and bevel out the inside area of the trigger guard on a mill. Accelerator Cuts, an after-market weapon customization service, offer enhanced traction on the pistol. With the Accelerator Cuts, muzzle rise is dramatically decreased and follow up shots are faster. We do a non traditional double undercut and dock the front of the trigger guard for aesthetic purposes. We finish the frame off with full stippling and offer Gen 4 back strap melding as well for no additional charge.

    My limited knowledge of the ‘Accelerator Cut’ had included the belief that it provided a raised surface to apply forward, stabilizing pressure with the shooters support thumb. The idea is reminiscent of the gas pedal designs applied to some competition pistols.

    Which could be why Agency Arms’ patent is for an ornamental design and not purely functional – I’m not sure if someone has previously patented the gas pedal design and I’m certainly not an intellectual property attorney, but the possibility of legal conflict remains.

    Let’s say a builder Salient Arms International or ATEI decides to stipple a design close to the Accelerator Cut, will Agency pursue damages for violation of patent law?

    Agency Arms Accelerator Cut

    CLAIM The ornamental design for a portion of a handgun frame, as shown and described.


    Accelerator Cut Patent


    Other patents obtained by Agency Arms:




    Some of these custom Glock builds are awesomely crafted, and awesomely out of my price range.


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