New Ruger AI Style Magazines For Precision Rifle And Gunsite Scout

    The new Ruger AI style magazines, just announced, should come as a welcome relief for those of you with a rifle that takes the ultra expensive AICS style mag. With the new mags priced well below what other options are retailing at it should be an easy decision. They even come with dustcovers for you operators that are operating operationally in a dusty environment.

    There are other mags like the Magpul AICS mag and the MDT mags that are in the same price range, but none that offer a 5 or 10 round 308 mag for those shooters who want a bit more ammo in the rifle. After all, who doesn’t like extendos?

    The new mags will be offered in both .308 size as well as .223 size in multiple sizes. The .308 mag will come in a 3 round capacity that will fit flush in the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle as well as 5 and 10 round capacities. The .223 will only be availableĀ in the 10 round flavor currently, and there are no indicated plans for smaller mags.

    Some of the new Ruger AI style mags are already at dealers as well as the shop Ruger website. No indication when the other capacities will be shipping. MSRP will be $39.95.