Gemtech Announces The Aurora II E&E Silencer

    Iconic silencer designer and manufacturer Gemtech has just announced the next generation of their Aurora suppressor. Like its predecessor, the Aurora II is a small wipe-based can that is light enough to operate without a Nielsen (booster) device. The new Aurora weighs only 3.5 ounces, has a length of 3.4 inches and an outer diameter of 1.125 inches.

    Originally, the Aurora was part of a partially-filled government contract for an escape and evasion silencer for the military. Silencer Shop worked closely with Gemtech to sell a limited run of the remaining cans. Obviously, demand was high for the unique piece of kit, sparking the updated version.

    One new feature about the Aurora II is that it is threaded on both ends. One side is threaded in a standard 1/2×28″ pitch, the other in a metric 13.5 left handed pitch. Very cool. One small downside is that, because of possible expansion issues when making contact with the wipes, the Aurora is rated for FMJ only.

    It’s no secret that I am a fan of unique silencers and the Aurora II definitely fits the bill.

    On a bit of a side note, I have fielded quite a few questions about the latest news that the ATF now prohibits the sale of Dead Air Ghost M wipes. Wipe-based silencers like the Aurora and Aurora II are not effected – Gemtech offers consumers an easy rebuild services as needed. Or, I have heard, but cannot legally recommend, that the materials to easily make and rebuild wipes are readily available online.


    From the Original Aurora Product page at Silencer Shop

    The Aurora uses 8 “wipes” placed inside of the tube and held apart by aluminum spacers. There is no booster/Nielsen device as the suppressor is light and small enough that most (virtually all) modern handguns will still cycle with the suppressor mounted directly to the barrel. The wipes are a disposable item and (in our testing) last for 8-12 rounds before becoming uncomfortable to shoot. As such, this suppressor is not intended for “range use.” It is however a really cool addition to a bug-out-bag or nightstand pistol.

    So far, a handful of dealers/distributors have announced they will be selling the Aurora II for about $375:

    Silencer Shop

    Capitol Armory

    Hansohn Brothers


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