Citadel LMC from Hardened Arms


    Hardened Arms is offering a new muzzle device that it calls the Citadel LMC. LMC stands for Linear Muzzle Compensator. The object of the Citadel LMC is to direct muzzle blast and noise down range and away from the shooter. According to the company, this is accomplished through the use of “tactical technology.”

    For anyone shooting a short barreled rifle or AR style pistol, muzzle blast can be distracting. Depending on the barrel length, caliber and ammunition selection, the noise and blast can actually rival that of a flash bang.


    The Citadel LMC does not silence or otherwise suppress the noise of the gunshot. Rather, it redirects it away from the shooter. This results in increased shooting comfort without the need of NFA paperwork to suppress the gun noise.

    There are a couple of additional things touted as features for the Citadel LMC. First, when used with a 10.5″ barrel, the Citadel LMC allows you to use the company’s 12″ rails for a little additional accessory space.

    The second feature mentioned by Hardened Arms is that the device produces a larger flame signature. While I don’t see this as being a tactical advantage, the company states this “ups the ‘fun’ factor” of shooting a gun with this device attached.

    The LMC has a suggested retail price of $109.99.

    Richard Johnson

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