TFB Announces New Media Partnership

    In an effort to further diversify the audience here at The Firearm Blog, we are announcing an exciting new multimedia partnership. Through the use of polling, online surveys, gun show handouts and man-on-the-street interviews, TFB has discovered that the second largest demographic of our readers, next to gun ownership obviously, are cat lovers,

    As such, TFB is proud to finally announce the debut of a sister site: The Feline Blog. Catering to all types of cat owners, the new portal will bring our readership the latest news in cat care and enjoyment. To kick it off, a few willing TFB writers are offering up a rare look at their personal feline friends.

    James R.

    Brock loves Glockses and boxes.

    Krinkov’s favorite gun is the AR15.

    Louis has been fond of the M60 because it’s the only thing that purrs louder than he does.

    MJ is a pacifist and thinks guns and vacuum cleaners are wrought by the devil’s hands.

    Edward O.

    I share my firearms collection with two cats: Gordon and Ernest.

    Gordon is named after the excellent gin, and is a very timid cat. He does not like loud noises, neighbor cats, or back-packs that are out of place. He does like chasing Crimson Trace lasers and fly fishing lures. His preferred litter-box defense choice is a 10.5″ Norinco AR-15.

    Ernest is named after Ernest Hemingway, but is a bit of a muppet, and so goes by Ernie on a daily basis. He cannot stop purring, perhaps because he thinks he is a tiny Tiger tank who’s petrol engine must run perpetually. His couch-defense choice is a glawk brand glawk, with a rifle length Colt-Canada AR for backing up Gordon against neighbor cats.

    Nathaniel F.

    This is my cat, there are many like it but this one is mine. He has a part time job as a gun case inspector and moonlights as an underbarrel rifle attachment.

    Tom G.

    Maximus – The best cat in the world! Max and I would both eagerly await new rifles and gear for testing. I looked forward to the contents of the package, while Max would look forward to the actual packaging. Max had a certain affinity for high-end riflescope boxes. Maximus was a Scottish fold who had 16 glorious years on this Earth. Every review I wrote for The Firearm Blog from January 2013, till the near present, Max was sitting on my lap. When not on my lap, Max would often “photo bomb” my product photos. Miss you Max! See you on the other side bud.


    This is Cookie. She is the wheelgun of the cat world – Practically useless, slow and showing her age. However, like her six-shot kin, Cookie is both boringly reliable and comforting.


    More details to follow in the coming months…


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