Sureshot Armament Group’s New AK Sidemount

    Firearms accessory maker Sureshot Armament Group recently debuted their new AK sidemounts on their Facebook page. Their CNC machined sidemounts weight in at just 167 grams (5.89 ounces or .368 lbs). Sureshot Armament Group’s new AK sidemount is going to retail for $135.

    Sureshot Armament Group’s new sidemount is low enough to not block the AK’s iron sights but is high enough so you do not have to remove the mount to take off the receiver cover when disassembling and cleaning your AK. Which is not the case for some other sidemounts on the market. The ones that don’t require removal usually sit way too high.

    Another AK sidemount that sits very low but doesn’t require removal to remove the AK receiver cover is the RS Regulate mount. However the RS Regulate system is more expensive as you have to buy the lower rail that attaches to your AK as well as the upper mount for various scopes and optics. But this does make the RS Regulate system very customizable.

    According to Sureshot Armament Group the height over bore of their mount is on par to the RS Regulate mount. The only issue with the Sureshot Armament Group sidemount is getting one, it seems like their website is just a landing page right now.

    Ray I.

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