B&T USW A1 Approved For Import Into The US

    B&T USA has announced that the USW A1 is now blessed by the ATF for importation and sale in the United States. The tedious compliance process, required of all firearms entering US commerce, can take up to six months and includes a physical inspection of at least one sample firearm that is destroyed after the testing is concluded. That is probably the saddest part of this whole process.

    The USW A1 is a semiautomatic DA/SA pistol outfitted with the much discussed and long awaited Aimpoint Nano. A second, striker-fired version is due out later this year. You know, after the US government cuts one up in the name of science.

    Obviously, the folding stock can be added after following the ATF Form 1 application to make a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)

    A rough MSRP estimate places the USW around $2K-$2,500 USD.

    In order to react to the quickly changing threats faced by police forces all over Europe, especially those threats presented by Islamic terrorist, law enforcement needs to quickly rethink its armament. The recent terroristic attacks have proven, today’s police side arms are not able to cope with an opponent armed with military assault rifles and bomb vests.

    This is the main reason for the development of the Universal Service Weapon (USW). It was to designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a terrorist event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.
    The USW will be available in two versions. One with a DA/SA trigger, available in Spring 2017 and one with a preset striker available Winter 2017.

    B&T USW Features (EU version):

    • Calibre: 9 x 19 mm
    • System: Browning system
    • Operation: Semi automatic
    • Length min./max.: 255 mm / 470 mm
    • Width: 43 mm with closed stock
    • Height: 170 mm
    • Barrel Length: 110 mm
    • Weight: 980 g
    • Stock Pull: 360 mm
    • Primary Sighting System: Aimpoint NANO
    • Suppressor connector: M13.5×1 left
    • NAR Rails: 1
    • Magazines: 17, 19 and 30 rounds
    • Handling: Ambidextrous
    • Shoulder stock: Foldable
    • Also included: B&T APL Advanced Pistol Light, one each 17, 19 and 30 round magazine, duty holster, cleaning kit, sling, manual, case.



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