Russia Develops a New .45 ACP Pistol (OTs-122)

    Russian “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” newspaper has recently released an interview with Alexey Sorokin, the director of Russian firearms manufacturing plant called TsKIB SOO. Among other subjects discussed they also talked about a new pistol, which is in development. In fact, they’ve released a computer mockup image of the pistol. The new gun is called OTs-122 (ОЦ-122) and it will be chambered in .45 ACP. So far only this image is available:

    The most interesting part that jumps out is the suppressor (at least it looks to be one). It is unusually shaped, but presumably, has the same concept as SilencerCo Osprey suppressors with baffles being non-concentric to the bore axis. The advantage is obviously that sights are not obstructed with the suppressor body. Apparently, it also allows to use the light along with the suppressor. Other than that, the general shape and controls are reminiscent of HK USP.

    Sorokin noted that during the designing process of OTs-122 they’ve extensively used 3D printing. Particularly, they’ve been printing the prototypes out of a high strength polymer to examine the interaction and fit, as well as ergonomics of different parts of the gun. They make corrections based on the 3D printed prototype and only after that they manufacture the actual metal-made working prototypes.

    We’ll keep following the development of this gun and let our readers know about any updates.

    Hrachya H

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