No Charges Filed Against Cessna Machine Gunners

    Earlier we posted about Mark Serbu, his daughter Val, and a YouTuber called Dan shooting an MP5 from a Cessna circling above the Gulf of Mexico. The new stories let on that the police had been called by one of the wet blankets that help run the Peter O. Knight airport prompting a full investigation by the FAA as well as a cursory investigation by the Tampa Police.

    For those of you that missed the initial round of coverage, Mark Serbu loaded his Cessna up with his daughter Val as well as YouTuber Do It With Dan. They took off from Tampa and flew out over the gulf before settling on a random bit of ocean to dump some 9mm into. No word on how much ammo they ran through during their aerial target practice session, but I would imagine it was several hundred rounds.

    The FAA has issued a statement about the investigation saying “We were unable determine that any Federal Aviation Regulations were violated. If new information becomes available, we will reopen the inquiry,” and has filed no charges, Tampa police also closed the investigation saying that no one called the police during the gunfire, therefore no one must have been put in danger.

    Check out the video on Do It With Dan‘s YouTube channel:

    While you are at it, you should probably check out 50 Cal Val’s channel, she seems to talk about cats, guns, and video games. You can also check out the Serbu Firearms website to see what they are building now or Mark Serbu’s YouTube channel.