Desert Tech MDR Ejection Mechanism Explained

    Desert Tech MDR is probably one of the most awaited rifles on the market. And no surprise that people keep wondering about various aspects of its mechanism. Perhaps Desert Tech has been stormed with such questions. Anyway, they started releasing short videos on their YouTube channel answering the questions people ask.

    Recently they’ve released a video explaining how the rifle will work (eject) without the ejection port chute. The latter guides ejecting cases forward. As you know MDR pushes the cases forward at an angle from the small window on the ejection port cover. By answering that question they also show more details of the weapon’s ejection mechanism. Apparently, the ejector is an articulating lever, which pushes the fired case into a clip inside the ejection port chute. Then, on its forward stroke, bolt pushes the fired cases out of the gun. So, in case if the chute isn’t in place, that articulated part will work as a normal ejector and will eject the brass out of the gun during the rearward motion of reciprocating parts. Here is that video:

    Of course, innovations are always interesting to see in the firearms designs. However, I think these kind of mechanical solutions are bordering with not really being “field” practical. I hope I am mistaken and we’ll see a new super rifle finally released. However, as the history shows us, when it comes to combat weapons, the simplicity is usually more desirable than an overly complicated mechanism which gives a non-significant advantage at the cost of being prone to malfunctions.

    Hrachya H

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